Jelly fortified with mixed tocotrienols and multivitamins
No Artificial Colouring

Naturally Sourced. No Artificial Colouring.
Now, That’s Wellness On The Go

AvJellyE® combines the power of Vitamin E Tocotrienols and multivitamins in a convenient jelly form.

The goodness of Avtriee in a convenient and tasty format. AvJellyE® is your ideal choice if you prefer an alternative to traditional pills and capsules.

Designed with the whole family in mind, it’s an attractive way for kids to get their daily vitamins while enjoying a tasty treat.

Wellness on-the-go has never been more convenient. Unlock the goodness of mixed tocotrienols and multivitamins in a way that suits your lifestyle.


Mixed Tocotrienols & Multivitamins Jelly
Daily Intake 1 stick, once or twice daily.

AvJellyE® Kids

Orange Flavoured Mixed Tocotrienols & Multivitamins Jelly

Daily Intake 1 stick

How AvJellyE® Can Enhance Your Health?

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