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UV radiation from the sun is the most common environmental stressor to damage the skin. It is now well established that photodamaged skin manifests signs of mild but chronic inflammation, termed as “inflammaging”. Thus, there is an urgent need for anti-inflammatory regimes that can limit the damage caused by inflammation.  Read more

Wei Ney Yap

Publications: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
Date: Sept 2017
Vitamin E is among the earliest recognized antioxidants. Recent findings suggested that tocotrienols have superior activity than tocopherols.  Read more

V F Pedrelli, M M Lauriola, P D Pigatto

Publications: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
Date: Sept 2011
Our previous study has demonstrated that epidermal growth factor (EGF) with tocotrienol-rich fraction (TRF) cream formulation accelerating postburn wound healing with deep partial-thickness burn in rats.  Read more

Hui-Fang Guo, Razana Mohd Ali, Roslida Abd Hamid, Sui Kiat Chang, Mohammed Habibur Rahman, Zaida Zainal, Huzwah Khaza’ai

Publications: International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds
Date: Nov 2020
Little is known about antioxidant efficacy of topical vitamin E on atopic dermatitis (AD) due to lack of controlled clinical studies. Read more

Kang Nien How, Hon Weng Chang, Oi Ming Lai

Publications: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
Date: Sept 2017
To assess the efficacy of various forms of vitamin E in protection of skin from UV-light-induced oxidative stress, vitamin E (tocotrienol-rich fraction of palm oil, TRF) was applied to mouse skin and the contents of antioxidants before and after exposure to UV-light were measured.  Read more

C Weber, M Podda, M Rallis, J J Thiele, M G Traber, L Packer

Publications: Free Radical Biology and Medicine
Date: Mar 1998
The skin is the largest organ of the body that protects from mechanical, thermal, and physical injury. However, the function and appearance of skin visibly degenerates with age due to its frequent exposure to harmful effects of the environment, including ultraviolet irradiation and hazardous substances, in addition to the progression of oxidative stress in aging.  Read more

Nur Izyani Ghazali, Rahimah Zahidah Mohd Rais, Suzana Makpol, Kok Yong Chin, Wei Ney Yap, Jo Aan Goon

Publications: Frontiers in Pharmacology
Date: Oct 2022
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