It’s Not A Buzzword But A Guiding Principle Deeply Ingrained In Our Corporate Culture​
At AvantHealth, sustainability lies at the very core of our values and guides every aspect of our operations as a leading nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company.

We firmly believe that promoting sustainable practices is not just an ethical responsibility but a vital commitment towards building a healthier and more vibrant future for our planet and our future generations.

AvantHealth is dedicated to developing products that are not only effective and safe but also environmentally conscious.

Our research and development teams work diligently to formulate nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals that prioritise sustainable ingredients and packaging materials.

We strive to create a positive impact on the environment while delivering exceptional quality and performance to you.

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a guiding principle deeply ingrained in our corporate culture. We remain dedicated to continuously improving our sustainable practices and pioneering new ways to make a lasting positive impact on the environment, our customers, and society as a whole.

By integrating sustainability into every facet of our business, we aspire to be a catalyst for change.

We’re part of a something bigger

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad (SOPB), we share the same sustainability goals in the way we operate.

Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad (SOPB) is a publicly listed company headquartered in Miri, Sarawak as a joint venture between Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) and the Sarawak State Government in 1968.

Today, SOP excels in producing top-quality products with its plantations, mills, refineries, production facilities, and dedicated R&D team. The Group also diversified into real estate, automobile, city development and food ingredients.